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Do You Want To Create An Advance Directive?

An advance directive or living will, is a document that outlines an individual’s wishes regarding medical treatment if they become incapacitated.

At Chera Law Office, we are committed to guiding clients through the process of preparing a living will so that they can feel confident that their wishes will be respected, even if they are unable to communicate them.

Experienced Legal Guidance For Living Wills

Not to be confused with a power of attorney for personal care, advance directives provide directions concerning your wishes for healthcare if you are unable to make decisions at your time of need. However, a power of attorney can be included in your advanced directive so that they can instruct family, friends, and healthcare professionals if the time comes.

Some of the topics that you may consider including in your advance directive can include:

  • Preferences regarding nutrition and hydration
  • End-of-life medical care decisions
  • Pain management
  • Whether or not life-saving medical procedures should be considered
  • Matters relating to hospital transfers and palliative care

Planning Your Future Today

While it can be difficult to think about matters relating to illness and death, it is critical to make these important decisions when you are healthy and mentally capable. By preparing an advance directive, not only will you ensure that your wishes are respected, you are easing the burden that is so often placed on family and loved ones at a difficult time.

If you do not have an advance directive in place, challenges may arise concerning who is responsible for making decisions regarding your care. This can raise disputes between family members, healthcare professionals, and other parties who may not agree on how to proceed.

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