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Legal Guidance In Borrowing For Your Home Or Business

You may have a number of reasons for needing a mortgage. It may be part of a purchase, or may be intended to access emergency funds, shorten your loan, reduce monthly payments or take advantage of reduced interest rates.

Whatever your reasons, it’s important to understand your options for residential or commercial real estate financing. Chera Law Office‘s lawyers will discuss your situation, your reasons for needing a mortgage and your priorities in order to ensure that your mortgage is appropriate for your needs.

Give us a call today to discuss your unique circumstances.

What We Can Do For You

Our lawyers offer guidance for both private and institutional mortgages at very reasonable fees. We will:

  • Get instructions from your bank.
  • Explain all the legal aspects of your mortgage, as well as your responsibilities and any potential liability.
  • Conduct all necessary searches.
  • File all necessary documents.
  • Get a discharge of your current mortgage.
  • Register your mortgage on title.
  • Give you a report on your title and mortgage.

Our office uses title insurance from First Canadian Title (FCT), and receives a discount on this insurance. We pass the savings on to you as part of our services for all real estate clients.

Contact Chera Law Office

If you are seeking a mortgage or considering business or home refinancing in the GTA or surrounding areas, call our Mississauga office at 800-625-9007 or fill out our email form. We also help clients find mortgages in St. Thomas and Niagara Falls.

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