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Young girl killed in drunk driving accident, second badly hurt

Taking all the precautions in the world cannot prevent an accident if someone else refuses to take them, too. Because safe drivers and responsible people are at the mercy of those who choose to ignore common sense, accidents continue to happen. That appears to be what happened when a fatal drunk driving accident occurred in southern Ontario last month.

Will the threat of a stiff sentence stop a drunk driver?

Although statistics are increasingly indicating distracted drivers are now the leading cause of motor vehicle accidents in Ontario, that doesn't mean impaired driving has disappeared. Though numbers have come down over time, impaired drivers still pose a significant threat to other motorists. Recently, longer sentences have begun to be imposed on those found guilty, but some experts aren't so sure that's enough to prevent a drunk driver from getting behind the wheel.

Expert witnesses for insurance companies under judicial fire

When a person in Ontario is injured in a motor vehicle accident, he or she may experience a great deal of pain. In addition to the physical suffering, that person may also have to face the agony of a personal injury trial if his or her insurance company refuses to pay for medical bills, rehabilitation or lost income. During those trials, the victim may be subjected to testimony from expert witnesses whose job is to convince the court that the pain and suffering is not real.

Car accident risk may increase on too little sleep

Startling results from a new study have given safety advocates in Ontario cause for concern. The study done by the American Automobile Association reveals the dangers of driving after an inadequate amount sleep. The effects of too little sleep can drastically increase the likelihood of someone being involved in a car accident.

Multi-car accident kills Kitchener man

A serious crash on Highway 401 has resulted in one fatality, according to police sources. Ontario Provincial Police responded to the fatal car accident that claimed the life of a Kitchener man in the early hours of Nov. 4. The investigation into the cause of the multi-car accident is still underway as of this report. 

3 Ontario teens hurt in Halloween car accident

Halloween night became tragedy when three teenagers were struck by a vehicle in the Don Mills area. Ontario authorities have arrested the driver involved in the car accident under suspicion of drunk driving. In the meantime, two of the three teenagers struck are now in critical condition in local hospitals.

Can auto dealers resell a recalled vehicle?

Millions of vehicles have been recalled due to dangerous Takata airbag inflators. In fact, over 100 million vehicles have been recalled so far because of their propensity for exploding in an accident and spewing metal fragments throughout the cabin of vehicles. A problem that has caused 16 documented deaths so far around the world.

Fatal car crash claims life of 19-year-old Milton woman

Fatal car crashes happen frequently in Ontario and throughout the rest of Canada, and the one thing they all have in common is the fact that those involved in the collision were not expecting it to happen. These crashes -- many of which can and should have been avoided -- can result in injurious and deadly consequences for those who are involved.

What to expect during your car accident consultation

At the Chera Law Office, we offer free, no-obligation, first-time consultations to potential new clients where we will talk to you in detail about the facts surrounding their car accidents and associated injuries. During this consultation, we will cover several specific issues.

How do I know if it is time to replace my vehicle breaks?

One of the most important pieces of safety equipment on your motor vehicle is your brakes. Your brakes are what determine how fast your vehicle can stop, and in many cases, this one factor is the most vital issue in avoiding getting into a fatal or injurious car crash. As such, it is important that Ontario residents keep their brakes in good repair, and therefore, they should know when they need to be serviced or replaced.

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