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Motorcycle enthusiasts are some of the safest drivers on the road. This is largely because they have no choice to be otherwise -- one false move could spell disaster. Indeed, motorcyclists are highly vulnerable to serious injury and death in the event of an accident because they are not protected by airbags or heavy steel frames. As such, they are completely exposed to the outer world, and if they get into a crash, it is likely they will suffer seriously catastrophic injuries. Motorcyclists are also up against the challenge of navigating roadways dominated by cars, which are driven by motorists who are often inattentive and not looking out for motorcycles and their riders.

Other motorists' blind spots could cause a motorcycle accident

Fortunately, those who ride motorcycles can see almost everything around them. This makes it easy to avoid certain dangerous conditions that could lead to an accident. Motor vehicle drivers, however, do not enjoy such a wide perspective. Without meaning to, they could create a risky situation for motorcycle operators. These visibility issues often go unnoticed by those operating cars, trucks or even buses. However, it can be a real problem for cyclists.

Motorcycle accident victims of Ontario need a strong advocate

When the weather is right, nothing beats the freedom of enjoying Ontario's beauty on the back of a motorcycle. Our last blog post on the topic of motorcycles offered some tips to enjoy Canada safely while riding a motorcycle. Now, we would like to emphasize the importance of strong representation should an accident occur.

Strong representation is crucial following a motorcycle accident

Motorcycles do not come equipped with all of the safety features other motor vehicles have. There are no airbags, no steel doors and no side safety features to absorb an impact. Since motorcyclists must share our Ontario roads with much larger and heavier vehicles, they also share a risk of being involved in an accident. The difference between motorcycle operators and other vehicle operators is that if an accident does occur, motorcyclists have a greater risk of suffering severe injuries.

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