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Tougher laws on the horizon for Ontario distracted drivers

Soon drivers will have to be even more mindful of what they do behind the wheel of a vehicle. Distracted drivers in Ontario will have to curtail their bad habits behind the wheel if they don't want to be saddled with a maximum fine of up to $2,000 -- up from $1,000 for a first conviction. So, texting and driving will hopefully be even less attractive to many drivers who still make a habit of it.

Drunk driver arrested with alcohol level 4 times over legal limit

A 39-year-old male was arrested after a citizen made a call describing what sounded like someone driving while intoxicated. The alleged drunk driver had a blood alcohol level four times the legal limit in Ontario, according to York Regional Police who charged the man with impaired driving. Apparently, the accused driver was captured on video shot from a police helicopter.

Cops charge 100s of Ontario truckers for distracted driving

Over five days, the Ontario Provincial Police stopped nearly 3,500 commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) on roadways in the province. The police drove big rigs themselves to be able to see if distracted driving was a problem among big rig operators in Ontario. They also used aircraft and sprinter vans to check up on CMV drivers.

What to know about hit-and-run offences in Canada

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident is stressful enough as it is. But when someone is involved in one with a hit-and-run driver, it's likely even more stressful. Drivers in Canada who leave the scene of an accident aren't only making things more difficult for others involved, but for themselves as well.

Canada car accidents: Sports ad tries to stop texting and driving

A basketball team has made an ad to try to stop people from texting and driving. Texting and driving is a prime reason for car accidents in Canada, and Laval University's men's and women's basketball teams have teamed up with a provincial insurance organization to try to get young people to put the brakes on texting while behind the wheel. The ad shows players trying to play a game of basketball while texting at the same time. 

When left turns lead to car accidents in Canada

A lot of times, left turns are the culprits behind many intersection crashes. In fact, around half of all car accidents at intersections in Canada are caused by a driver making a left turn, according to stats from the Traffic Injury Research Foundation and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Because of the number of claims arising from these collisions, the Insurance Bureau of Canada views left turns into traffic as going against the policies of insurance companies.

1 dead after Ontario car accident in Hamilton

One person is dead and another is in hospital after a crash between a truck and a car on a busy Hamilton street recently. Ontario residents continue to be victimized in motor vehicles crashes. In this car accident, the pickup truck was heading north when it slammed into a car heading southbound.

Ontario car accidents particularly threatening to children

A one-year-old boy sustained life-threatening injuries in a two-vehicle accident on a busy highway near Toronto recently. Ontario residents can suffer serious injuries in car accidents. Many of those injuries can lead to death. This crash happened shortly after midnight when the vehicle was rear-ended by another vehicle, according to an OPP constable.

Many Ontario car accidents still involve alcohol

A 19-year-old Ontario woman was charged recently with impaired operation of a motor vehicle causing bodily harm, and operating a vehicle (with a blood alcohol level over 80 mg) causing bodily harm. The Kingston resident drove her vehicle off the road and onto the front yard of a residence. These types of car accidents very often involve too much alcohol.

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