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Accident compensation: Injuries for which victims can sue

No one ever thinks about getting hurt, whether in a vehicle crash or falling on someone's property. But life happens and so do personal injuries. There are injuries for which victims can pursue accident compensation in Canada. Those injured due to the negligence of other parties have every right to be compensated financially, especially if the injuries cause a loss of income. These injuries aren't just relegated to physical ones, but can also include emotional trauma or diseases as well.

Brain injury changes the lives of Ontario couple

When a drunk dirt bike driver crashed into a man driving an ATV in 2014, the ATV driver's and the life of his fiance would be forever changed. The woman was actually working as a nurse in the same Ontario hospital the man was brought in and she was the first to see him. He was nearly unrecognizable as his face and head were so swollen. It turns out, he had suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Schools' failure to act could have dire results like brain injury

Some school-aged children have health concerns. Parents in Ontario are expecting that when their kids are at school, they will be safe, and they won't suffer debilitating injuries like head trauma or brain injury. Apparently, however, that is not always the case. The parents of two diabetic Grade 2 girls at an Ontario school were told that staff members would not administer insulin to them if their blood sugar levels dropped too low.

Canada good Samaritan laws may help prevent permanent disability

Being a good Samaritan is always a prudent idea. There are times when an onlooker's help can help someone in trouble from experiencing permanent disability for the rest of his or her life. There are good Samaritan laws in Ontario that provide legal protection for volunteers who come to the aid of others in emergencies. 

Some former CFL players dealing with brain trauma

A major university study has found that brains of former football players are abnormal. Sports concussions, including brain trauma, can be one of the causes of developing dementia and Alzheimer's at an early age according to a research study in Ontario. The two-year study compared brains of one-time CFL players to those who don't play sports and found that football injuries played a part in severe brain damage.

Brain injury and domestic violence in Canada are linked

The trauma caused by domestic violence rears its head in many areas. Apparently, it can also rear its head for some victims in the form of a brain injury. The research of a female doctoral student in Canada shows that women domestic violence survivors -- who are often in long-term violent situations -- usually suffer some form of brain damage.

Brain injury can have life-altering and costly consequences

Car accidents, assaults and several other types of personal injury in Ontario can cause injuries with long-term consequences. One type of injury that can change the way a victim lives is traumatic brain injury, which causes interference with the normal functions of the brain. The damaged areas cause cognitive, physical and emotional or behavioural problems.

Falling bricks may have caused head injury to man on the Danforth

Many cities in Ontario are home to older buildings. Preserving historic structures lends character to a neighbourhood and provides a feeling of continuity. Old buildings also present unique maintenance challenges to their owners, and may become hazardous if not looked after properly. A man who recently suffered a probable head injury can certainly attest to the dangers of a poorly maintained property.

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