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How to help a loved one recovering from a serious accident

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2022 | Personal Injury |

A person does not need to be involved in a crash for it to affect them. If your child, parent or partner has been seriously injured in an accident, your life can change in ways you did not expect. And you may not know exactly what you should or should not do during this difficult time.

Of course, every family and every situation is different. However, in general, there are ways you can help them through this process to make it easier for them – and ultimately, for you, too.

Show up and show your support

A severe injury can be tremendously upsetting for a victim. Their lives, personality and capabilities can all change. Often, people can feel depressed or alone.

As such, one of the most important ways to help a loved one is to spend time with them and listen to them. If you don’t live with them, you can call or video chat regularly to stay connected.

Help them get the help they need

Crash victims often need ongoing medical care and physical therapy; many people struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder after an accident

As such, you can support a loved one by:

  • Helping them find the care they need
  • Assisting with exercises
  • Connecting them with medical professionals, including mental health workers
  • Calling attention to any new or worsening conditions you may see

Supporting a loved one through the emotional and physical work of recovery can help them feel less alone and more hopeful.

Remember: Actions can speak louder than words

People often struggle with knowing what to say to someone after a catastrophic accident. However, it may not be your words that prove to be the most helpful. Some things you can do to help your loved one include:

  • Driving them to appointments
  • Helping with laundry or housecleaning
  • Setting up a meal train service
  • Running errands for them
  • Taking care of their children

These are actions that a person may not necessarily ask someone to do, but they can be immensely helpful. 

Above all, being patient and supportive throughout a person’s recovery from a severe car accident can be the best way to help them navigate this painful and challenging process.

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