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So, you’re looking to purchase a home?

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Buying a new home can be an exciting, and frustrating experience. Several options can look great. How do you make a choice that suits your family?

Many people narrow down their options based on their budgets. But once you have three or four choices around the same price point, how do you decide which one is the right home for you?

Posted on is a checklist that can help you decide which home is the right home for you. There’s a variety of criteria that you can check off that caters to your individual preferences. We’ve highlighted a few of the criteria below, and the type of questions you can ask yourself to determine if the property will suit your needs:

  • Type of driveway: How many cars does your household have? Will you own multiple cars in the future? Are you okay with parking in laneways? Is there room for visitors to park? Will your garage have enough space to hold a car and double as storage?
  • Porches: Will you use it? Is it large enough for your family to enjoy? Does it have a railing? How much would it cost to fix or improve the existing porch?
  • Yards: Is it large enough for your family? Are you allowed to build a deck? Will you be able to manage the upkeep and maintenance of a large front yard and backyard? Are there already existing trees and bushes? Would you need to cut them down?
  • Room sizes: Is the kitchen large enough to cook and eat in? Are there enough rooms for you to start a family? Is the basement finished, or would that be an extra expense?

These are some of the questions that can help you narrow down your choice. What most of the checklist comes down to are: appearance, usefulness, and extra repairs or costs.

In the end, you will need to make a decision that is going to best suit the needs of your family. If there are multiple repairs or needed renovations, you might negotiate these into your purchase and sale agreement. In these situations, it’s best to speak to a real estate lawyer. He or she can help you enforce the conditions listed in your agreement of purchase and sale, and help you resolve any issues that may arise during the purchase.

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