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Schools’ failure to act could have dire results like brain injury

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2017 | Brain Injury |

Some school-aged children have health concerns. Parents in Ontario are expecting that when their kids are at school, they will be safe, and they won’t suffer debilitating injuries like head trauma or brain injury. Apparently, however, that is not always the case. The parents of two diabetic Grade 2 girls at an Ontario school were told that staff members would not administer insulin to them if their blood sugar levels dropped too low.

Apparently the same rule applies to all Ontario schools – even if it means the kid’s blood sugar is so low that he or she passes out or has a seizure. These emergency situations could lead to serious, debilitating consequences like brain injury and, in some cases, even in death. Other provinces like British Columbia make these kinds of potential life-saving actions mandatory. Ontario schools opt instead to call 911 and the parents or guardians to inform them of what is transpiring despite the fact that brain damage can happen in four minutes.

Administering life-saving insulin is as straightforward as injecting an EpiPen, which school staff will do because the law requires it after a teenage girl died from anaphylactic shock in 2003. Considering this, parents are asking why insulin, or the administration of any other life-saving drug, should be any different. These are questions to which no one seems to have answers.

Kids will be kids, and they do get hurt, sometimes at school. But if a child is hurt because of someone neglecting to administer a potentially life-saving drug or someone neglecting to act in any emergency situation, whether that be a broken bone or possible brain injury, the family has the right to seek advice from an Ontario lawyer. A lawyer will guide the family on how to pursue compensation on behalf of their child.

Source:, “D???Amato: If kids are required to go to school, then schools should keep them safe“, Luisa D???amato, Nov. 2, 2017

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