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When left turns lead to car accidents in Canada

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2017 | Car Accidents |

A lot of times, left turns are the culprits behind many intersection crashes. In fact, around half of all car accidents at intersections in Canada are caused by a driver making a left turn, according to stats from the Traffic Injury Research Foundation and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Because of the number of claims arising from these collisions, the Insurance Bureau of Canada views left turns into traffic as going against the policies of insurance companies.

Many drivers get into these crashes by trying to make the turns prior to a traffic light turning red. Even with no-fault insurance, insurance companies always find one driver at fault in these incidents. The difference is that someone with no-fault insurance — like Ontario drivers — get full or partly covered by their insurance companies even if they caused the accident. Insurance companies ascertain fault by analyzing accident reports. 

Proving what took place at the time of the crash is crucial in making an insurance claim. If there are witnesses to the incident, it will be important to get their names and phone numbers. Third party witnesses help to piece together the story of what really occurred and who was likely at fault. 

Drivers should obey all traffic rules when it comes to turns at intersections. But car accidents still do happen. When they do, those who suffer injuries may have the right to legal recourse. A lawyer in Canada whose practice focuses on personal injury law will be able to guide a client injured in a car accident through the steps necessary to pursue claims for monetary relief. 



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