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From Brain Injury To The Invictus Games

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2017 | Brain Injury |

Every brain injury is different. People react differently to various methods of therapy. Sometimes, the outlook is not what someone may have expected. This is what one person discovered when he trained for the Invictus Games.

Adam Jones, a Canadian soldier, was injured while training at a military base. He broke his hand, was knocked unconscious, and due to a dent in his helmet, suffered from a brain injury. But after seeking help to find the resources he needed for rehabilitation, he earned a spot on Team Canada for the Invictus Games recently held in Ontario.

A Bleak Outlook At First

According to a story published on his Alma Mater, Carleton University, Jones faced a grim future. He would need to learn to walk again, treat nerve damage that affected his eyesight, and had trouble eating, sleeping and remembering things.

At one point, Jones had an array of doctors working on his recovery, including: physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, neurologists, psychologists, psychiatrists and orthopedic surgeons to attend to all of the effects of his injuries.

His doctors advised Jones he may never be able to serve again.

Eventual Success Story

Jones proceeded to focus on his cognitive functions first. Once he achieved a satisfactory handle on his studies, he decided to pursue physical activities. He eventually started running, cycling and rowing.

After joining Team Canada in 2017, Jones told his alma mater he’s not in it for the medals. He enjoys the fact that people with injuries are getting together, getting active and setting new goals for themselves.

When you’ve suffered a brain injury, it’s important to make sure you seek help in order to receive the best chance of creating a success story for yourself.

Your circumstance may be different and the outcomes may vary, but an effective personal injury lawyer can advocate for your interests. They can properly determine what your needs will be, and help you receive the compensation for the best possible future for your loved one.

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