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When left turns lead to car accidents in Canada

A lot of times, left turns are the culprits behind many intersection crashes. In fact, around half of all car accidents at intersections in Canada are caused by a driver making a left turn, according to stats from the Traffic Injury Research Foundation and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Because of the number of claims arising from these collisions, the Insurance Bureau of Canada views left turns into traffic as going against the policies of insurance companies.

Ontario real estate rules may be tightened, affect double-ending

Anyone who has ever bought property most likely dealt with two agents, one for the buyer and one for the seller. However, when one real estate broker represents both buyer and seller for the same property, it is known as double-ending. Ontario real estate rules may be changing in regards to double-ending. The province will be introducing new changes in the real estate act when it comes to sales people and agents who are both the lister and buyer of a property, but it will not ban double-ending entirely.

Canada good Samaritan laws may help prevent permanent disability

Being a good Samaritan is always a prudent idea. There are times when an onlooker's help can help someone in trouble from experiencing permanent disability for the rest of his or her life. There are good Samaritan laws in Ontario that provide legal protection for volunteers who come to the aid of others in emergencies. 

Real estate in Ontario: The trust factor of deposits

When a deposit is made in a real estate deal, it doesn't automatically end up in the hands of the seller. That money is deposited in trust as per laws governing Ontario real estate transactions. If a deal happens to fall through, the funds that have been held in trust will be released once a mutual release has been signed by both the buyer and seller.

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