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Some former CFL players dealing with brain trauma

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2017 | Brain Injury |

A major university study has found that brains of former football players are abnormal. Sports concussions, including brain trauma, can be one of the causes of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s at an early age according to a research study in Ontario. The two-year study compared brains of one-time CFL players to those who don’t play sports and found that football injuries played a part in severe brain damage.

A newspaper editorial said taking the study into consideration, the CFL should continue to work to reduce injury risk among players currently in the league — especially when hard hits in football are all but unavoidable. The study showed that some retired players in their 40s had the brain activity akin to those in the 80s or even 90s. On the upside, the study has been instrumental in the CFL having concussion protocols in place which includes every game being monitored by an injury spotter.

With players in the CFL getting bigger, stronger and faster, the issue may become even more of a problem in the future. Collisions could become even more damaging. The effects of a brain injury can have life-altering ramifications. They can also spearhead depression and mental anguish. 

Ontario residents who have experienced brain trauma due to the negligence of another may be able to pursue compensation for pain and suffering and things like loss of work and medical costs. The rehabilitation process may be ongoing and arduous. Having an Ontario lawyer go over options may take some of the worry and burden off the injured person so he or she can concentrate on the rehab process. A lawyer experienced in personal injury will be able to answer any questions and guide an injured individual on how to proceed in getting compensation for injuries suffered.




Source: the, “CFL should compensate former players for brain injuries caused by concussions: Editorial“, Sept. 3, 2017

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