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Brain injury and domestic violence in Canada are linked

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2017 | Brain Injury |

The trauma caused by domestic violence rears its head in many areas. Apparently, it can also rear its head for some victims in the form of a brain injury. The research of a female doctoral student in Canada shows that women domestic violence survivors — who are often in long-term violent situations — usually suffer some form of brain damage.

This type of damage can show up in various ways such as having difficulty processing information, loss of memory, loss of planning ability, problems multitasking, etc. The physical marks left by violent situations in the home, like bruises and abrasions, will eventually heal. But the physical injuries that can’t be seen, like a brain injury, are the ones that can have debilitating consequences.

Although there is not a lot of data to go on, the researcher believes that between 35 to 80 percent of female survivors of domestic abuse have had a head injury inflicted by an abusive partner. Yet over the last two decades only 20 studies have been done worldwide that examined these brain injuries. But from the data that has been analyzed, 92 percent of all domestic violence includes jabs to the face, neck and head and many incidents have included strangulation. The researcher is fashioning a toolkit for shelter workers in Toronto and Victoria as a screening and diagnosis method.

Domestic violence is unacceptable in any shape or form. Those who are injured in such situations have the right to seek compensation for their injuries — both physical and emotional. By speaking to a compassionate lawyer in Canada who is experienced in personal injury law, victims of domestic abuse may have legal recourse for their suffering, including incidents that result in a brain injury. With that knowledge, a victim can concentrate on the road to healing both physically and mentally.



Source:, “Domestic violence and brain injuries are linked, says researcher“, Flora Pan, Accessed on Aug. 18, 2017

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