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Brain injury can have life-altering and costly consequences

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2017 | Brain Injury |

Car accidents, assaults and several other types of personal injury in Ontario can cause injuries with long-term consequences. One type of injury that can change the way a victim lives is traumatic brain injury, which causes interference with the normal functions of the brain. The damaged areas cause cognitive, physical and emotional or behavioural problems.

Cognitive problems — those that involve the victim’s thinking processes — may include difficulties with concentration, paying attention and remembering recent events and new information. Speech, thought and problem-solving may slow down, and sudden changes to normal routines or loud noises may cause confusion. Along with many such challenges, brain injury victims may never again be able to function self-sufficiently in their daily lives.

Although the physical difficulties may be overcome to allow a victim to use his or her hands and walk after some time, long-term consequences may include balance and coordination problems. Previous sports abilities may never be achieved again, and fatigue may further jeopardise the victim’s physical abilities. Then there are the emotional and behavioural changes that may be made worse by the physical and cognitive challenges. Along with the lack of emotional control — if the frontal lobe of the brain is damaged — may come the reaction to job loss, altered family roles and the need for supervision, which can cause depression and frustration.

Following a brain injury, any victim of an accident that was caused by another party’s negligence may seek recovery of damages, but how does one determine the future damages? Fortunately, the skills and experience of personal injury lawyers are available to do the necessary research and gather medical reports about prognosis to determine the needs of the victim in years to come. An Ontario lawyer can then advocate for the victim in a personal injury lawsuit in pursuit of comprehensive recovery of past and future damages.

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