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Brain injury can have life-altering and costly consequences

Car accidents, assaults and several other types of personal injury in Ontario can cause injuries with long-term consequences. One type of injury that can change the way a victim lives is traumatic brain injury, which causes interference with the normal functions of the brain. The damaged areas cause cognitive, physical and emotional or behavioural problems.

Due diligence is important in a commercial real estate purchase

When an Ontario businessperson has his or her eye on a commercial property, there could be several risks, and the only way in which these can be minimized is by performing due diligence. Purchasing commercial real estate is a substantial investment, and if unanticipated losses occur, they may also be considerable. When due diligence is performed, it will give the prospective buyer the opportunity to ensure it will be a sound investment.

Is the Toronto real estate market a bubble or a balloon?

There is no hotter local topic right now than the housing market in Ontario. While many industry professionals have warned that the real estate bubble, a dreaded phenomenon, may soon burst, others see it differently. New numbers suggest a balloon might be a better analogy as the market may slowly be deflating. Here are some of the latest figures from the Toronto Real Estate Board.

Falling bricks may have caused head injury to man on the Danforth

Many cities in Ontario are home to older buildings. Preserving historic structures lends character to a neighbourhood and provides a feeling of continuity. Old buildings also present unique maintenance challenges to their owners, and may become hazardous if not looked after properly. A man who recently suffered a probable head injury can certainly attest to the dangers of a poorly maintained property.

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