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Statistics show car collision deaths are very high so far in 2017

On Behalf of | May 15, 2017 | Car Accidents |

The big cities of Ontario are busy places where all manner of vehicular traffic, and pedestrians, are vying for space. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to a car collision. In an effort to reduce the number of traffic fatalities in Toronto, the city has implemented numerous measures to try to make the streets safer for everyone who uses them. The most recent statistics suggest there is still a lot of work to be done.

In 2016, 77 people died on the streets of Toronto. That includes 43 pedestrians, 27 motorists, six motorcyclists and one person on a bicycle. Pedestrian and motorist numbers were the highest seen in more than 10 years. The city government enacted several plans to improve those numbers, including the installation of 400 reduced speed signs and improving the markings at 317 intersections for the protection of pedestrians.

Thus far, in 2017, 20 people have lost their lives in Toronto in car accidents, including 11 pedestrians. Eight motorists passed away, as did one motorcyclist. The numbers do not show much improvement, and are certainly far off from the goal of eliminating traffic deaths. Toronto officials plan to study the numbers further, and will continue to tweak and modify the infrastructure of the city, as the $80 million, five-year plan continues to unfold.

No one should have to feel his or her safety is in danger just because he or she works in a city. Finding a way to improve conditions is the job of municipal governments, and walking and driving safely is the responsibility of all commuters. Any person injured in a car collision in Ontario, whether due to the negligence of another, or because of an infrastructure failure, has the right to speak with a personal injury lawyer for advice and assistance.

Source:, “Toronto traffic deaths remain high despite $80M safety push”, May 3, 2017

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