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Allegedly negligent driver kills 4, injures 2 in 401 pileup

There is no greater modern convenience than the automobile. Unfortunately, that same convenience can turn into a deadly weapon if the vehicle is not used carefully. A single negligent driver can change the lives of many people in an instant. That was the case recently when a terrible accident on the busiest highway in Ontario claimed four lives and left two others injured.

Future real estate owners seek like-minded partners to share cost

For some people, the dream of owning a home in a big Ontario city looks to remain just that, a dream. The inflated real estate market has put the price of even a modest single-family dwelling out of reach of many would-be buyers. In Toronto, however, a new concept has emerged as a way to lighten the financial load of home ownership.

Statistics show car collision deaths are very high so far in 2017

The big cities of Ontario are busy places where all manner of vehicular traffic, and pedestrians, are vying for space. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to a car collision. In an effort to reduce the number of traffic fatalities in Toronto, the city has implemented numerous measures to try to make the streets safer for everyone who uses them. The most recent statistics suggest there is still a lot of work to be done.

Ontario drivers at risk of serious injury from unsafe trucks

As every commuter in Ontario's cities knows, the roads and highways are frequently packed with cars and trucks. The greater the traffic volume, the greater the risk of an accident becomes. While most drivers try hard to operate their vehicles in a safe manner, there are those who disregard the safety of others, including professional truck operators. A recent safety operation on the province's highways uncovered a disturbing number of unsafe commercial trucks, all with the potential to cause a serious injury to others in an accident.

Real estate boom not limited to houses; GTA condo prices soaring

While the housing markets in most of the country seem to be cooling off at last, the same cannot be said for Ontario, and the GTA in particular. The average prices for real estate continue to rise to record levels throughout the city and the surrounding area. Those considering a more compact living space than a typical single-family house may be surprised to learn that the condominium market is just as hot as the resale home market.

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