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Toronto cops report more distracted driver busts in 2017

Police officers patrolling the streets of Ontario's biggest cities have a lot with which they must contend. Many motorists seem intent on flouting the rules of the road, and end up putting other drivers and their passengers at risk. The good news is that some categories of negligent driving have seen a decrease since last year. Unfortunately, the distracted driver is the new scourge of the road according to statistics.

Recent study shows the high cost of traumatic brain injury

It is easy to imagine that suffering an injury to the brain can be physically damaging. The ongoing costs of treating and living with the results of a traumatic brain injury may be less easy to grasp. A recent study of Ontario brain injury victims has unveiled the enormous financial burden of brain injuries in this province.

Looking to curb real estate speculation with a new tax in Ontario

Even to those people who do not actively follow the market, it is no secret that home prices in Ontario are at a historic high. There is much debate over whether there is a real estate bubble, or if the increase is sustainable. However, most people agree a little bit of the air needs to be let out of the market. A proposed new tax is one possibility.

A distracted driver is just as dangerous as a drunk one

After years of campaigns and police reinforcement, the majority of people in Ontario understand that drinking and driving is very dangerous. Unfortunately, though, it seems to have been replaced by another dangerous driving habit. The distracted driver is the new drunk driver, and statistics show it's a phenomenon on the rise.

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