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Young girl killed in drunk driving accident, second badly hurt

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Taking all the precautions in the world cannot prevent an accident if someone else refuses to take them, too. Because safe drivers and responsible people are at the mercy of those who choose to ignore common sense, accidents continue to happen. That appears to be what happened when a fatal drunk driving accident occurred in southern Ontario last month.

The accident happened on the night of Feb. 24 on Mountain Road in Hamilton. A group of four girls called for a cab, and were on their way to a party in another city. As their car made its way through an intersection at Taylor Road, a vehicle travelling along the intersecting road apparently ran past the stop sign and hit the cab side on.

All of the passengers of the cab, as well as the cab driver, were taken to hospital. One of the passengers was put in intensive care, but was expected to survive. A second young lady was not so lucky, and succumbed to her injuries. The 32-year-old female driver of the other vehicle was arrested and is facing several impaired driving charges.

Tragedies such as this one should never happen, but the sad truth is they happen with alarming regularity. For both the injured girl and the family of the unfortunate girl who passed away, life will never be the same. Though money cannot take back a drunk driving accident, it can help with mounting bills for treatment and continuing care or, in this case, perhaps to carry on the victim’s charity work. After a serious accident causing injury in Ontario, it may be good to talk to a personal injury lawyer for help in achieving much needed compensation.

Source:, “The family of a woman killed by an accused drunk driver vows to carry on her legacy“, March 1, 2017

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