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The devastating impact of brain injury in Ontario

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2017 | Brain Injury |

The potential consequences of being in a motor vehicle accident in Ontario are highly varied. One of the most frightening possibilities is suffering a brain injury. Brain injuries can be life altering and expensive to deal with. Unfortunately, statistics show they happen far too often.

In Canada, the yearly incidence of acquired brain injuries is 44 times greater than that of spinal cord injuries. In fact, brain injuries outnumber spinal injuries, and all cases of M.S., breast cancer and HIV/AIDS combined. Put in the simplest terms, a brain injury happens every three minutes in Canada. For people under the age of 40, brain injuries are the leading cause of death and disability.

The ramifications of a brain injury can be severe. Those who suffer are at a heightened risk of PTSD and depression. From a physical standpoint, brain injury sufferers are three times more likely than average to acquire another brain injury, and eight times more likely to suffer another injury as a result of the initial brain injury.

Financially, the burden of brain injury can be difficult to bear. Of people who survive their injury, 22 percent will never leave their homes again. In this province, 92 percent of men and a staggering 100 percent of women will not return to full-time work again, ever. Small wonder that approximately 35 percent of homeless Torontonians suffered a brain injury before becoming homeless.

For many people, the prospect of a diminished ability to earn an income is alarming. Regrettably, that is the all-too-frequent outcome of suffering a brain injury in an accident. Anyone who has been hurt in an accident through no fault of their own may want to talk with an Ontario personal injury lawyer for assistance in gaining much needed financial compensation.


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