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Don't be pushed into making a bad real estate decision

The resale market for homes in Ontario has never been hotter. In fact, the demand for housing is so great, some people are receiving unsolicited offers on their property. It is important, however, that no one allows him or herself to be pushed into a bad real estate decision.

Theatre sued after man suffers brain injury choking on popcorn

Sometimes the most minor incidents can turn into life-changing events. A young Ontario man never imagined a night out at the movies would leave him disabled, but that's exactly what happened. Now his parents are suing a prominent theatre chain, alleging he suffered a brain injury after choking on a piece of popcorn.

How some make money investing in commercial real estate

While not for everyone, there are ways to make income through property investments and speculation in Ontario. Making money in real estate is a time-honoured pursuit, but it's not a sure thing. One should never leap blindly into any real estate transaction, but there are those who have had success in one or more of the following categories that some potential investors may have overlooked.

Will the threat of a stiff sentence stop a drunk driver?

Although statistics are increasingly indicating distracted drivers are now the leading cause of motor vehicle accidents in Ontario, that doesn't mean impaired driving has disappeared. Though numbers have come down over time, impaired drivers still pose a significant threat to other motorists. Recently, longer sentences have begun to be imposed on those found guilty, but some experts aren't so sure that's enough to prevent a drunk driver from getting behind the wheel.

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