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Child suffers brain injury after trip to dentist

With most operations, Ontario patients understand there is a risk. Even simple medical procedures can be dangerous. However, it is not often that one hears of serious complications from dental work. Nevertheless, one little girl was left with a permanent brain injury after undergoing a routine dental procedure, and the family wants to know why.

Car accident risk may increase on too little sleep

Startling results from a new study have given safety advocates in Ontario cause for concern. The study done by the American Automobile Association reveals the dangers of driving after an inadequate amount sleep. The effects of too little sleep can drastically increase the likelihood of someone being involved in a car accident.

Multi-car accident kills Kitchener man

A serious crash on Highway 401 has resulted in one fatality, according to police sources. Ontario Provincial Police responded to the fatal car accident that claimed the life of a Kitchener man in the early hours of Nov. 4. The investigation into the cause of the multi-car accident is still underway as of this report. 

Ontario real estate boom triggered by worldwide uncertainty

The recent political turmoil in Europe and the United States may be good news for Canadian property owners, especially in coveted parts of cities. A leading commercial real estate investor predicts that the next two years could be very good for cities in Ontario, particularly Toronto. The demand for commercial property has even created a scarcity of office space in more popular parts of the city.

Real estate rate hikes follow provincial tax rebates

The housing market in Toronto is hot, and first-time buyers may be looking elsewhere in Ontario to purchase a home. Anyone looking to buy real estate in the city can expect to pay between $700,000 and $800,000 for a condo or single-family home. A detached home can run over $1 million. While the province is doing what it can to encourage first-time homeowners, recent actions by major banks may seem counterproductive.

3 Ontario teens hurt in Halloween car accident

Halloween night became tragedy when three teenagers were struck by a vehicle in the Don Mills area. Ontario authorities have arrested the driver involved in the car accident under suspicion of drunk driving. In the meantime, two of the three teenagers struck are now in critical condition in local hospitals.

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