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Ontario plans to revamp dangerous city roadway

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2016 | Car Accidents |

Shortsville, Ontario, is home to a very dangerous intersection, where cars, pickup trucks, flatbed trucks and other vehicles regularly get snared into life-threatening crashes. One recent crash involved an 84-year-old driver who did not yield to an oncoming 54-year-old driver at the intersection and the vehicles collided. The 84-year-old was trapped in his car and had to be extricated. Both drivers suffered injuries and needed to be taken to the hospital.

Similar accidents have also happened at this particular intersection, even fatal incidents, and now it appears that the Ontario County Commissioner of Public Notice has taken notice at last. He recently announced that a special federal project will be studying the intersection to remedy its dangers. The commissioner said that they will likely turn the intersection into a roundabout. According to the commissioner, roundabouts have shown to be very useful in preventing car crashes, such as preventing the likelihood of a T-bone crash. At this time, Ontario County boasts approximately 300 roundabouts at its intersections.

The commissioner further explained that a special methodology created by the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials for resolving problematic intersections will be used to analyze the intersection. However, the redesign is expected to take some time and it will not be a quick-fix operation.

When an intersection is known to be dangerous and result in numerous car accidents, the municipality in charge of the intersection could potentially be liable in the event of a fatal or injurious car crash. By consulting with a personal injury attorney, car accident victims hurt at a dangerous intersection may be able to make a case for financial recovery relating to injuries and other damages caused by their crashes.

Source: Daily Messenger, “Update: Remedy near for notorious Farmington intersection?,” Aaron Curts, Sep. 09, 2016

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