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Motorcycle accident claims litigation

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2016 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Motorcycle enthusiasts are some of the safest drivers on the road. This is largely because they have no choice to be otherwise — one false move could spell disaster. Indeed, motorcyclists are highly vulnerable to serious injury and death in the event of an accident because they are not protected by airbags or heavy steel frames. As such, they are completely exposed to the outer world, and if they get into a crash, it is likely they will suffer seriously catastrophic injuries. Motorcyclists are also up against the challenge of navigating roadways dominated by cars, which are driven by motorists who are often inattentive and not looking out for motorcycles and their riders.

It is because of these dangers that motorcyclists usually go to great lengths to receive safety training that helps them become better riders, who are equipped with a host of skills and techniques to help them stop faster, turn sharper and avoid potential dangers ahead of them. Still, in spite of their best efforts, there is no way to eliminate the risk of getting into a motorcycle accident — especially in the modern era when drivers are texting on cellphones and engaging in countless other distractions that prevent them from noticing and avoiding an accident with a motorcyclist.

Motorcyclists need to do a lot more than train themselves in safety techniques and don cutting edge safety equipment. Motorcyclists may also want to pursue legal action — like personal injury claims and wrongful death claims — against negligent and distracted drivers who cause them to get into crashes. At the Chera Law Office, we have helped numerous Ontario motorcyclists file such claims. We take pride in knowing that every motorcycle claim we file is bringing more attention to the problem of drivers who fail to look out for motorcyclists, and that we are helping to improve overall road safety for everyone.

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