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What if my insurance company doesn't offer me a fair settlement?

Auto insurance companies are in business to make money, and that means that they are always hoping to pay out as little as possible following a car accident. That said, every insurance policyholder has a right to certain levels of recovery in accordance with the legally binding insurance policy. For example, in the event that an Ontario driver's car is totaled, the insurance company may be required to replace the car but fails to offer a fair cash settlement. Below is what the law says you can do in these situations.

27-year-old driver charged after fatal head-on collision

There is no way to guarantee the safety of Ontario drivers. Every time we take to the roadway, whether it be as a driver or a passenger of a motor vehicle, or as a pedestrian, motorcyclist or bicyclist, we are putting our lives at risk. This is why it is essential that everyone be reasonably careful to do everything they can to avoid a fatal or injurious crash. In fact, those who fail to take reasonable precautions on the road could find themselves in serious trouble with the law.

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