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Young driver charged in fatal car crash

A 14-year-old boy has been blamed for the death of a 12-year-old girl following a fatal car crash that happened last Tuesday in Caledon. The unfortunate incident happened early Tuesday morning a little after 4 a.m., while the girl was riding as a passenger in a vehicle that the boy was illegally driving.

Life-threatening injuries after Ontario big rig crash

Big rigs, industrial trucks, tractor-trailers -- whatever you like to call them -- are extremely dangerous to motor vehicle drivers because they are heavy, and slow to maneuver and can crush through a smaller car and its driver and passengers in a heartbeat. This is why, whenever a big rig truck driver takes to the road, he or she is bound by specific rules and regulations designed to keep the truck driver and other drivers safe. Unfortunately, not every truck driver succeeds in staying safe and/or following the rules, and this is when catastrophic accidents and injuries can happen.

What would a car accident-proof human being look like?

There's no question about it: Human beings have fragile bodies that are easily harmed in car crashes. This is why our vehicles are equipped with so many safety features. Indeed, the safety features on cars -- which reduce the threat of injury and death in car crashes - are arguably more important to vehicle drivers than the engines, wheels, and comfort of vehicles.

What should I do following a traffic accident?

The moments following a traffic crash are usually moments of extreme confusion, stress and shock. Most Ontario residents are not thinking clearly at this time, and most will not feel perfectly clear on what steps they should be taking. This list of seven steps recommended by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario is, therefore, excellent to keep in mind, and all motorists may want to consider keeping it handy in their glove compartments just in case an accident occurs.

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