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Bicycle helmets can prevent serious injury and death

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2016 | Brain Injury |

The logical choice for every bicyclist is to wear a helmet. However, many Canadian bicyclists are still avoiding this important piece of safety equipment when they take to the roads. It is our hope that this article will serve as a reminder to bicyclists throughout Ontario and Canada to always wear their helmets.

Every year, approximately 50 to 70 bicyclists die in car-related accidents in Canada. According to the statistics, this means that bicyclists are actually safer than car drivers and passengers. In addition, we cannot discount the fact that bicycling is beneficial to both the cyclist’s health and the overall environment.

In 2010, an important study showed that mandatory helmet laws work to reduce bicyclist fatalities and injuries. For this reason, the co-author of the study recommends that provinces adopt an “all ages” helmet law that applies to bicyclists no matter how old they are.

Approximately two-thirds of cyclist deaths are caused by head injuries. Nonfatal head and brain injuries are also common in bicycle accidents. However, these types of injuries and deaths can often be prevented when cyclists wear proper head protection. Furthermore, considering that 80 percent of bicyclists who die in car-related accidents did not have a helmet on at the time of the crash, it is clear to see why this simple piece safety equipment so important.

Whether or not a bicyclist wears a helmet, if a car accident happens that is caused by a negligent or unlawful driver, the injured cyclist may have a viable claim for damages in court. By discussing the matter with a qualified personal injury lawyer, injured cyclists can investigate the strengths and weaknesses of their potential claims.

Source: Ottawa Citizen, “Therien: Cyclists, wear a darn helmet!,” Emile Therien, June 26, 2016

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