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Other motorists’ blind spots could cause a motorcycle accident

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2016 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Fortunately, those who ride motorcycles can see almost everything around them. This makes it easy to avoid certain dangerous conditions that could lead to an accident. Motor vehicle drivers, however, do not enjoy such a wide perspective. Without meaning to, they could create a risky situation for motorcycle operators. These visibility issues often go unnoticed by those operating cars, trucks or even buses. However, it can be a real problem for cyclists.

Blind spots can occur in several locations for the driver of a car or a truck. Commonly, they occur over the left or right shoulder of the operator. The point where the front side windows are separated from the back side windows can also block the driver’s visibility. Further, headrests, cargo and passengers can be a source of reduced visibility. In short, blind spots occur in any area not covered by windows and mirrors. The design of motor vehicles has not yet found a way to eliminate all blind spots; therefore, it is up to you and other motorists to practice caution on the roads of Ontario.

The motorists who share the road with cyclists can help reduce motorcycle accidents by checking blind spots visually before making any changes on the roadway. Often, this means that drivers must turn their heads to look in all of the areas they cannot see. This simple act alone could prevent a lot of motorcycle accidents.

As for those who ride motorcycles, you can do your part as well. Learn where common blind spots exist according to vehicle type and avoid them when possible.

If you do become involved in a motorcycle accident caused by another motorist’s failure to check blind spots, you may have grounds to pursue damages

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