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Brain injuries cause financial harm as well as physical damage

It is a sure bet that most residents of Ontario understand how a brain injury can harm a person physically. Sometimes the physical consequences are minor, but other times the injury can lead to the need for lifetime medical and rehabilitative care. Naturally, the first priority for those close to the injured party is caring for the victim; however, many do not realize the enormity of the costs associated with brain injury care.

How is Canada addressing the problem of distracted driving?

In Ontario and other provinces, car accidents due to distracted driving are an unfortunate fact of life. However, if a bright point can be found somewhere in the tragedy, it is the government's response. To the average person, it may seem like the government is doing nothing to address the problem, but that is untrue. Canadian authorities are working to implement several solutions related to distracted driving and car accidents.

Other motorists' blind spots could cause a motorcycle accident

Fortunately, those who ride motorcycles can see almost everything around them. This makes it easy to avoid certain dangerous conditions that could lead to an accident. Motor vehicle drivers, however, do not enjoy such a wide perspective. Without meaning to, they could create a risky situation for motorcycle operators. These visibility issues often go unnoticed by those operating cars, trucks or even buses. However, it can be a real problem for cyclists.

Pursuing damages after suffering a slip and fall accident

Most people do not have notice that a slip and fall accident is about to occur. This kind of accident can happen anywhere and at anytime. In many cases, people are not seriously injured when they slip and fall, but other times the injuries can be severe. Often, an accident is simply an accident and could not have been prevented. However, other times negligence plays a big role in falling or slipping on another person's property.

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