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More supportive housing needed for Ontario brain injury patients

On Behalf of | May 26, 2016 | Brain Injury |

A recent news story shines a light on the problem of brain injury in the Ontario province and elsewhere in Canada. The article indicates that more supportive housing is needed for residents suffering from brain injury. Reportedly, 27 patients are currently on a wait list to receive supportive housing in the Ontario area.

The city of Greater Sudbury already boasts one facility designed to house those with brain injuries. Now, the March of Dimes is attempting to raise funds to build a similar facility on the same property. The benefit of housing units like the one in Greater Sudbury is the support they give to brain injury patients. Residents receive support 24 hours per day along with valuable rehabilitative services.

The wait list is proof that a new facility is urgently needed. To help make a new housing unit happen, the March of Dimes has set a fundraising goal of $1 million. A March of Dimes campaign manager said adding another facility could house 12 of the 27 Ontario citizens who currently need supportive housing. Along with getting the care and support they need, an additional housing unit would help keep these patients closer to home and family. The nearest facilities with similar services are located in Toronto, Oakville, Hamilton and Sarnia.

When brain injury occurs because of negligence, Ontario citizens have legal options that could help them live longer and happier lives. Seeking compensation could provide these victims with the funds they need to secure long-term care and support. Whether brain injury victims choose to move to a supportive facility or acquire support in their own homes, a personal injury lawsuit is a viable way to get financial compensation for their suffering.

Source: CBC News, “Second housing unit needed in Sudbury for acquired brain injuries: March of Dimes,” Angela Gemmill, May 16, 2016

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