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Car accidents are the most common cause of whiplash

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2016 | Car Accidents |

The neck does a lot of heavy lifting for the human body. It supports the head, it swivels easily and it is extremely flexible. However, the neck can only take so much abuse no matter how much people rely upon it. For example, in a car accident the head is often thrust forward and then rapidly jerked back. Despite its flexibility, this violent motion often causes injuries to the neck area as well as the upper spine.

Before many of the important advancements of modern medicine, whiplash was usually treated with a neck brace or a cervical collar. Patients were instructed to wear these devices for a considerable length of time. Today, medical professionals have a better understanding of neck and spinal injuries. Rather than immobilizing the affected body part, whiplash patients are now encouraged to get up and get moving.

Regular strengthening and conditioning exercises can speed the recovery time for those who have suffered whiplash in a car accident. Therapists also advise patients to practice good posture when they return to work and during other activities. However, these techniques do not replace a doctor’s diagnosis. You should always seek medical attention following a car accident to rule out more serious injuries and to make sure you are receiving the right treatment.

Even though whiplash does not sound particularly serious, such injuries can interfere with your way of life for some time. Whiplash can also cause pain, making it difficult to resume your normal activities. In Ontario car accidents caused by another person’s negligence, many whiplash victims consult with a lawyer about legal options to help minimize the costs associated with whiplash injury treatments.

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