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What signs of brain injury should I look for after an accident?

Brain injury resulting from an automobile accident or even a slip and fall is sometimes difficult for people to understand. In some cases, it may even be possible that a victim does not realize he or she has been injured because the symptoms can be elusive. Many times victims look normal and seem to speak normally, making the extent of injury difficult to determine.

What are the main causes of truck accidents in Ontario?

In Ontario, collisions between trucks and other motor vehicles happen for a variety of reasons, each of them unique to the circumstances surrounding the accident. Unforeseen issues like sudden weather changes or even poor road maintenance can cause a truck accident. There is little that can be done to avoid these situations aside from practicing safety at all times.

Car accidents are the most common cause of whiplash

The neck does a lot of heavy lifting for the human body. It supports the head, it swivels easily and it is extremely flexible. However, the neck can only take so much abuse no matter how much people rely upon it. For example, in a car accident the head is often thrust forward and then rapidly jerked back. Despite its flexibility, this violent motion often causes injuries to the neck area as well as the upper spine.

Protect your claim after a slip-and-fall accident

Suffering injuries in a slip-and-fall accident can range from inconvenient to catastrophic. You might think you have an open-and-shut case if you suffered these injuries on someone else's property, but caution may be your best friend. Never assume that things will go your way or you may lose out on the entitlements you deserve in a personal injury claim. In most cases, you will benefit from the guidance of a lawyer.

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