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Sharing Ontario roadways with heavy trucks

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2016 | Truck Accidents |

As in other regions, roadways in Ontario are often filled with large and heavy commercial trucks. These trucks provide valuable services to citizens of Canada, but they can also mean hazards for ordinary motorists. Over the years, people have learned to be extra cautious around these motor vehicles, which is an undeniably smart approach. Colliding with or being struck by a tractor-trailer or even a large delivery van can cause severe injuries to other motorists.

Here is some statistical information about heavy trucks for you to consider:

— Heavy trucks are responsible for nearly one-fifth of all vehicle accident fatalities as well as five percent of injuries.

— The fatality and injury rates associated with heavy trucks are higher than they are for all other types of motor vehicles.

— Of the injuries and fatalities associated with heavy truck collisions, most of them occurred to the occupants of the other involved vehicles.

— In truck accidents involving other vehicles, truck drivers were often reported to be “following too closely.”

The above seems to spell disaster for motorists sharing the roads with heavy trucks, but the news is not all bad. Statistics indicate that truck drivers rarely drive under the influence of alcohol. Additionally, while fatigue is sometimes an issue for truck operators, the statistics indicate that it is more of a problem for drivers of other vehicles. The statistics also show that truck drivers are less likely to engage in improper driving actions.

Even with the good news, truck accidents involving smaller vehicles remains a problem in Ontario. It is important for motorists to continue practicing caution around these vehicles, and should an accident occur that causes injury or death, it is equally important for the victims to consider legal action.

Source: Traffic Injury Research Foundation, “Heavy Trucks and Road Crashes,” Daniel Mayhew, Herb Simpson, and Douglas Beirness, accessed March 02, 2016

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