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Even a simple fall can lead to brain injury

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2016 | Brain Injury |

It is a fact that people all over the world fall every day, including citizens of Ontario. Most of the time, falls result in minor scrapes or no injury at all. However, sometimes a simple fall can lead to the unthinkable if you strike your head: serious injury to the brain. This is known as ABI or Acquired Brain Injury. Severe injuries to the brain are called TBI, or traumatic brain injury.

It is well-documented that even a minor fall can cause brain injury, which is why it is crucial to watch for symptoms immediately after falling and hitting your head. Some common symptoms of brain injury include:

— Loss of consciousness

— Confusion, amnesia and grogginess

— Headache and nausea

— Dizziness and trouble with balance

— Reduced reaction time

— Double or blurred vision

Even if you do not think your fall is serious, you should seek medical attention if you experience any of the above. Unaddressed brain injuries, even minor concussions, can worsen over time and affect your entire body.

People fall for a multitude of reasons. Perhaps you were moving too fast or your shoes slipped out from under you. Other times, falls may be caused by a property owner’s negligence. Examples include wet floors, poor maintenance of walkways and stairs, icy sidewalks and loose carpeting.

The most important takeaway of this blog post is how important it is not to risk lasting or permanent damage to your brain. Always see a physician if you experience even the most mild symptoms. If you do suffer TBI in a fall caused by negligence, you should know that you have legal options in Canada. You can find out how to seek compensation on the website of the Chera Law Office of Ontario.

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